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Solution accepted very late


On the recent round 4, division A, my final submission on the skyscrapers was way past the deadline (like >5 minutes over I think). However, looking at the results I was surprised to see that I still got points for it!

I know that sometimes submissions very close to the deadline will still get accepted (e.g. my last division C submission was 3 seconds late), but 5 minutes seems a bit too much, so it looks like there might be some bug in the scoring. I figured I should point this out even if it means I'll lose 60 points. :P


Thank you very much for your feedback.
You are right, I'm working on it. Will be fixed today.

Karel (Admin)

So it was wider problem, but it is fixed everywhere now.

Thank you very much for your feedback again!

Karel (Admin)

I had an late submission to one of the puzzles this past round which the website said was rejected, but it still appears under "My solutions".

(It was a wrong answer anyway, but I thought I should mention it in case the fix didn't carry over to this year.