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WPF Sudoku GP 2018 - Round 4 IB Published

Dear Players,

The Instruction booklet for Round 4 of the Sudoku GP is now published and can be accessed on the usual page. All the best to everyone participating!

WPF Sudoku GP7

Dear Players,

Sudoku GP Round 7 is now the Russia round. The Slovakia round has been shifted to Round 8. All schedules remain unchanged. Feel free to post any queries in our forum.

Sudoku GP - Round Switch

Dear players,

To facilitate the comfortable organization of the next Sudoku Grand Prix rounds, we have had to make a minor change to the schedule. The hosts of Round 5 and Round 7 have been interchanged. The dates of the rounds have not been changed.

The new schedule is as below:

Sudoku GP Round 3 - IB

The Instruction Booklet for the Sudoku GP Round 3 is now available.
If you have any questions regarding the puzzles, please use our forum. Thanks