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90 min, or only 60 min, for puzzle GP rounds?

I'm just wondering, as the instruction page says "At the moment of getting the password the countdown starts and from this moment you have exactly 90 minutes to send your answers by the ready-made answering form.


However, I noticed that my timer seemed to start counting down from 60 minutes. I think it's been 60 minutes for each round in Puzzle GP and 90 per round in Sudoku GP but I'm just going from memory. At any rate, if the official time allowed is only 60 minutes then the instruction page should be corrected.


It should be 90 minutes. I'm not sure why your memory seems to say 60 minutes. Can anyone else chime in and tell us what their timer says?

All Puzzle rounds this year have been 60 minutes long. That is, 60 minutes for each level (A, B, C), all independant.

On the other side, Sudoku rounds are 90 minutes long.