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Welcome to the official web page of the WPF Sudoku/Puzzle Grand Prix 2022.

The World Puzzle Federation is happy to invite you to the 9th WPF online Sudoku event and the 8th WPF online puzzle event.

All the Sudoku and logical puzzles fans can take part and compare their results with the top players without leaving their home.

You can expect first class puzzles prepared by the top puzzle authors from all over the world. Most of the authors have also prepared puzzles for the past World Puzzle/Sudoku championships. The puzzles in the Grand Prix will be designed for all the players with different solving skills, for beginners as well as for the best world players.
The top level of these tournaments is guaranteed by the appointed Directors responsible for the right selection of puzzles, testing and judging. The WPF GP Directors are Nikola Zivanovic (SRB) for Sudoku GP and Wei-Hwa Huang (USA) for Puzzle GP.

There will be 8 Sudoku rounds and 8 Puzzle rounds. Only top six results for each solver will be included in his or her final WPF Grand Prix ranking.
The format of the tournament will be paper-solving with transcription of solutions and each round will be open during the whole weekend.
The length of each round will be 90 minutes.

More details to be found in the RULES.

The tournament is for free but if you like this event and would like to appreciate the work of the GP directors, puzzle authors, web designers and many more, we will be grateful for your voluntary contribution.

Schedule and the hosting countries:

Sudoku GP 2022

Round 1 - Jan 21st to 24th - Japan
Round 2 - Feb 18th to 21st - Czech Republic / Slovakia
Round 3 - Mar 18th to 21st - China
Round 4 - Apr 15th to 18th - France
Round 5 - May 13th to 16th - South Korea
Round 6 - Jun 10th to 13th - Switzerland
Round 7 - Jul 11th to 14th - The Netherlands
Round 8 - Aug 5th to 8th - United States

Puzzle GP 2022

Round 1 - Feb 4th to 7th - Turkey
Round 2 - Mar 4th to 7th - India
Round 3 - Apr 1st to 4th - Serbia
Round 4 - Apr 29th to May 2nd - United Kingdom
Round 5 - May 27th to 30th - Hungary
Round 6 - Jun 24th to 27th - Germany
Round 7 - Jul 22nd to 25th - Slovakia / Czech Republic
Round 8 - Aug 19th to 22nd - Russia