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clarrification about max ascending sudoku , big small sum sudoku

i have not understood both the sudoku for solving idea. This is new to me
The number shown on the side of ascending sudoku given on all 4 sides . A sending digits from both sides I assummed, Am I correct? Please clarrify.
secondly big -small japaneese sudoku is not clear to me .Will you please clearly indicate one or two example. I will be happy if you kindly send email mentioning the above points.

Yes, the Max Ascending sudoku rules refer to the direction that the clue is "pointing at."

For Big-Small Japanese Sums, one example is the clue "8 14 6 7" referring to the left-most column. Because it is a column clue, these clues refer to sums of blocks of the digits 5,6,7,8,9. (The "big" digits.) The blocks are separated by the "small" digits 1,2,3,4. If you look at the completed grid, you see the blocks 8, 9+5, 6, and 7, each separated by some small digits.