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Password publishing

Is it possible to publish the 3 passwords directly after the contest finishes, or perhaps just leave the "Get Password" page open (but publish a new message saying that the contest has finished)?
I want to share the last contest from 2 weekends ago with a friend, but cannot...

Sorry about that. It is published now and later today I will publish also the PDF without encryption.

Karel (Admin)

I appreciate Karel's addressing the request quickly for GP3, but I'd like to second the request to set it up for this to happen automatically after each test. The Puzzle GP in particular has been very sluggish about making tests available after the fact this year, and since there are divisions some of us are not allowed to compete in, it's frustrating not to be allowed to see the puzzles at all.

Despite this criticism, I thank you all for your hard work!

"there are divisions some of us are not allowed to compete in"

You are allowed to take the tests in all the divisions; it's just that your score won't be official if your class is too high. For example, Ken Endo is taking all three divisions' tests each time, but only his score in Division A will be official.

Hi - same question: I tried to get the password a day after the competition and it wasn't available ... Nor is it there now, 3 days later. Please make passwords available for those of us unable to g ER T on during the puzzle days/hours or unlock them completely after the co petition. Thanks, Karen

Is it really so hard to put the password, or an unencrypted version of the puzzles, on a publishing timer? Given that there is already a similar timer to remove the password, it feels like this website is going out of its way to inconvenience...