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Puzzle GP 1 answer form description nonsense

I assume this won't have any incidence on the actual submission process, but the descriptions of the answers on the answering form for the GP 1 make no sense (e.g. I don't think the answer format for Slitherlink can be described by "What replaces the “?” symbol. Individual puzzles may have more instructions on how to submit your answer.")

Presumably the answering form should be used in the most sensible manner based on the answer keys given in the IB, disregarding the instructions on the answering form...

Thanks for letting us know.

It is fixed now. The correct description is by each puzzle in the Competition Booklet (paper version). It was not copied into the form itself.

Karel (Admin)

Solution #9 looks incorrect to me, the pillbox 4 should not appear in the 3rd row. I assume it needs to move 1 row down. The answer code is then 000506.

Yes, it is an error in the solutions booklet (it was graded correctly). The solutions booklet will be updated soon.

I have updated new Solution Booklet.

Karel (Admin)

"My solutions" are available more than 24 hours, is it so hard to publish some preliminary results?