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Puzzle GP 2020 Round 1 - results

It has been roughly three weeks since the first round of the Puzzle GP happened, yet the results shown are still "preliminary". Why have they not been replaced by official ones yet?

I made a protest by sending an email. But I did not get a response yet. They may be related.

I´m sorry for the huge delay, but there were multiple bugs related to new feature of Cryptogram which was used for the first time and unfortunately some solutions were not evaluated as correct ones.

I hope that everything is fixed now and you can find the Official Results in the usual section:

There were also updated My Solutions there.

In case you will find any other issues with the solutions please let me know.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

Thank you Karel!


I am new here and I read details about GP, but I dont understand the system of divisions and classes. Also, I see there is only one ranking for Division A. There is still this split in divisions and classes working or is dropped?