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Puzzle GP7 - Website issues and Spans solution entry format

Two unrelated issues with Puzzle GP7:

1) The GP website has been returning errors for the last few hours. My time already finished, but during the competition, about half of my attempts to submit received "time out" errors (while all other websites seemed to function with no problems). It's also taking me several attempts to post this message.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but if anyone else runs into this problem, I recommend that if you hit the button and it loads for more than 8-10 seconds, hit the "stop loading" button and try again a bit later rather than waiting for the error message. In Chrome, getting the error erased all my entries, so early on I had to retype my previous answers when the website failed.

2) I unfortunately realized during the competition (and not before) that the answer entry for Spans was unclear to me. Does "connected" mean on one of the two ends of the line segment, or can it include connection via other line segments? For example, if one of the dots in the example had been R5C1, would the first digit of the answer be 3 or 5? I hope the judges will consider accepting both versions of the answer, since I don't think this was clear, and the example does not disambiguate.

That's a fair appeal. I'll get the example fixed for future
competitions, and make sure that both interpretations are given credit
for this one.