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return key

perhaps a strange question after so many years.
DO I need to absolutely hit the key "send answers" or is it enough to hit the return key on the computer?
I keyed in the aswer to my last sudoku at the very last second by hitting the "return" key on my pc (like I have done many times in the past I believe).I received the usual acknowledgement "your answers have been saved at xx:xx" but the answer has not been accepted and is not counted as wrong either. Can anyone clarify this for me please?
thanks, stefano

Hi Stefano!

It should work => you can submit the whole form even with Return key/Enter key. I've tried it and it works and it is saved in the DB also.

I've checked the DB and there isn't any submission stored from you after the shown submission in the Result list.
I'm very sorry.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)