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Server crashed while submitting final answer


I sent an email with photos and video documenting this--

-- with ~ 2:00 minutes remaining, I typed in my answer to the puzzle #10, "Dominion" from this puzzle round (approx 30 minutes ago at 23:07 GMT). I then clicked "submit", but your site had seemingly crashed and i was led to a "page not found screen".

I took video of this occurrence, along with the scratch paper I had been working on, and the time.

About 15 minutes later your site resumed functioning.

I tried to get all this together immediately when the site went down without delay, and sent an email containing it all to

Although I am not high ranked in puzzle world, I take these contests seriously and spend a lot of time (hundreds of hours per year) training for them.

Would request some consideration here. Thank you!

-easonrevant (Joey Cooper)