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SGP7 (correct answer in wrong place)


I submitted correct answer but in wrong field (15th against 14th)I understood, that it's my mistake, but don't think that it's correct, to give 0 points for it as far as the task is correct

I could agree, that some tolerance in accepting submissions is needed.

With just typos we can't distinguish typo from a real mistake in the solution, but messing answer line or puzzle number should be accepted.
Second one is especially important for non-top solvers. When you have just few solved puzzle it's very easy to put answer to wrong field - submission page is quite long and has scrolling. Navigating it requires some time.


from my point of view as an owner of Sudokucup server where similar competitions took place the best effort is to keep the competition without any human touch.

All players have the same conditions and the same chance to fill it correctly.

In case that there isn't any problem on the server side - wrong Answering Form, any problem with Answering Lines in the Competition Booklet etc. - then noone should change the Results manually.

Because otherwise some people will get benefit. You will fill your answer into wrong field and you will send an email, but your opponent who is on the same level won't - no matter why he/she didn't complain...

So from my point of view as an Organizer and player the less manual changes the better.


I had identical situation for GP Puzzle 3B: I made a mistake putting the right answer for puzzle 4-Shikaku in the wrong form of the 3-Shikaku (so it was the same puzzle type, easy to swap!!!).

I'm definitely NOT a "competitive" player but, at the time, I asked the organization to get the points anyway. They very quickly and kindly answered that "our policy is that we do not give credits for such mistakes except for a very specific situation that usually only affects competitive players".

I don't know what exactly means "specific situation" but I didn't worry 'couse my total was, in any case, horrible... :-(

My idea is that any credit given to some player despite a *formally* wrong solution should be made public with the reasons.

My 2cents.

In any case, I thanks the organization for all the effort they put in the contests and so, from my point of view, all their choises are the right one

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