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Sudoku GP 2024

Looking forward to another great year! Thanks for everyone's hard work in producing the instruction books and puzzle books for each round.

Where can I get the password?

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Cannot open the document. Need password

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Cannot open the document without the password.

Im also interested in how/where to find password for opening the document

I am not able to find my password

The password is found in by going to Sudoku GP -> Competition Puzzles -> Password in the left hand navigation menu.

I believe this direct link will also work:

Did the website work for everyone but me? It took several minutes to submit my answers - and my last one didn't go through! I had a hard time connecting to the answer form. All of the pages were slow to load and slow to respond. I even restarted my computer in the middle of the test hoping that would help. Anyone else have these issues?

Tamara: I wrote you an email.

Karel (Admin)

Karel - I had same issues. How do we know it was submitted? The website went to error at 1 minute left on my timer.

I was submitting some answers and had 15 minutes to go. I made sure not to enter the time bonus and send answers at the bottom of the screen. The timer went from 15 minutes to a countdown from 10 secs. I probably wouldnt have got another answer anyway but in case there are people who would have.

I was 1 minute away and website went to error message. Have no idea if it was submitted. Will we get a confirmation?


I did Sudoku GP 1 and can see my submissions graded in My solutions, but I'm not listed in Preliminary results

Simply, it is because you were cheating in the past. So your account is not allowed to be listed in the Results.

In case you feel that it is something which needs to be solved please contact Sudoku director on the mail.

Thanks for understanding.
Karel (Admin)

This is not true. If somebody thought I could be cheating, they could contact me, not just unlist me. Actually, in average on GP I score worse than on WSPC.

Deyan, as I replied in a private message, on behalf of the organizers of Sudoku GP, take my sincere apology. This shouldn't have happened.

Nikola Živanović, Sudoku GP competition director

Dear Deyan,

I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding which is based on the issues in last year's GP7 and the problems there. Based on the result there you were marked as a cheater and while there were several problems with the results it is then used everywhere.

Basically once you appear on the black list you stay there. As you have stated in the email you have not protested against it in the past which led to my wrong assumption that everything is fine and I can use it as a statement.

Your appearance has been deleted there and I'm really sorry for what happened to you.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)