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Sudoku GP Round 7 results

Hi, there!

To the organizers of the GP Round 7.

I have a question regarding submitting the answering form of the last Sudoku GP.

I had less than a minute to fill in the last answer for Sudoku #3. Fortunately, I was in time and after submitting both lines for that particular Sudoku, the answering form said it was OK (GREEN). In on of the previous Rounds, I recall, when I was filling in wrong lines it was always answering in RED.

Now it has turned out that my resolution of the Sudoku# 3 was wrong as I filled in the incorrect line. (even though I did correctly the appropriate answer line).

Why then when I allegedly confused the correct answer line and filled in the other, the answering form did not respond in RED as usual?

Btw, I have been very attentive so far when filling in the answering forms for the last 5 GPs I took part at and never confused the lines.