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Sudoku Round 1

Why are my round 1 points not summed up?

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As per official result it was notice the following
line 3 from top-- 9 3 5 but there was arrow in between 9 and 5 .But as per condition it may be like 9 4 5 or 9 3 4. Similarly in line 7 and 8 it was shown as 5 6 4 where there was a arrow between 5 and 4 hence it should be either 5 3-4 or 5 6 7 . and lastly, 8th line column 1 2 4 but ther ewas an arrow in between as such the it might be 1 2 3 or 1 3 4. Kindly clarrify for future contest

The rule says: "The digit N+1 must be placed in a cell pointed by the arrow". It does not mean "in the neighboring cell", it can be placed in any cell in the direction indicated by the arrow.

It is recommended to solve the examples of the instructions booklet before taking part in a tournament, this kind of question can be clarified then ;).