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Technical Difficulties: Answering Form blanking out

This might totally just be me and my internet connection, but while solving the latest Sudoku GP Round, whenever I would save an Answer the page saved and then went blank. Neither reloading nor going back to the main page seemed to help. It was different from what you would see when your internet connection doesn't work and it was indeed working (I checked). It seemed to be a matter of time, as it came back after a few minutes.
It did, however, not save my Thermo Sudoku Solution, which I only caught by accident at the very last minute. (I was able to add the solution).
Have others experienced something similar?

Also, I really enjoyed this round. Thank you very much, Setters! It made for a nice Saturday afternoon. :)

Where can I find the password?

You click on Sudoku GP -> Competition Puzzles -> Password.