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Two questions for Puzzle GP round 2


I have two last-minute questions for the Puzzle GP part 2:

1. In puzzle 2 (Lighthouses), is the total number of boats known or unknown?

8. In puzzle 8 (Cave), all black cells must be connected to the edge of the grid. If the grid happens to have "holes", would such a hole be considered the edge of the grid, or must the black cells be connected to the outer edge of the grid?

1. I guess it will not be given, and is not required.
2. Request the organizers to present a shadeable grid( the gridlines in the example do not allow shading individual cells).

Hi everybody!
In Lighthouses the number of boats is unknown.
In Cave, there is no hole inside the grid. All the holes are on the grid border. They are similar to those from Instruction Booklet.