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Unable to print password protected puzzles from iPad

When I open the password-protected PDF from an iPad, I am prompted to enter the password - this works. When I try to print from an iPad, I am again prompted for a password - the same password doesn’t work at this prompt so I am unable to print.

I switched to a PC where I can print without entering a password. In the future, can the “print” password be set to match the “open” password so iPads can be used? Unless someone has a workaround on an iPad…


Hi, I ve the same problem to print with iPad. It’s new. I don’t have this problem last year and before. It was already this problem for round 1 and again for round 2.
Thank you

I'm afraid that since I don't own the iPad I'm not able to reproduce your issue :(
It's true that I've started to use for the encryption another application since my old computer has died.

I will try to figure out another solution.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)