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WPF Puzzle GP Round5 Linked wrong

In the page Archive>Puzzle>2022 (link below)

one of the links are linked to the wrong contest; Round 5 is supposed to be linked to 2022 GP round 5, but is linked to 2021 GP round 5 (to the link below)

I can access the page if I clink tound 5 in the panel in the left (link below)

Also, the page address of these contest seems like they will get outdated pretty fast- they do not contain the year the contest was took in, just the date.

Is this wrong link fixable? Also, can you change the contest archive page address to a more stable format?

Thank you for your feedback zzdldl31,

I have updated the link.

I'm afraid that I don't understand your suggestion for improvement. On each side we have the date even with a year, so you can check it there fully.

Karel (Admin)