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WSGP Round 2 instruction booklet

Hi - when will he next instruction booklet be posted?

still not published
when will it be published please?

also https not working - whats going on with this site?

still not published
what is going on?

Yes, I wondered the same. I don't see a booklet for round 2 yet.

Hi all,

the IB has been published and more info you can read in the latest article:
Brief news about the new hosting and status:

Thanks for understanding.
Best regards,
Karel (Admin)


Dear 木心,

the email issue should be solved by now.

Karel (Admin)

Dear Team, I saw in two different places of this site two different dates when Sudoku Round 2 finishes, please let me know which is the correct date: either 26th or 28th Feb 2024?

Sudoku Round 2 - finishes on 28th February 2024