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WSPC 2022

Hi everyone,

I can see the "Forum" link on the dedicated website now leads me here.

As team captain for my country, I am searching for some info on:

- Registration process: I completed the online form but have had no feedback yet, in particular on number of potential participants (or at least an indication on this important issue)

- 10% discount fee before June 15 for A team participants: how do we notify you? Do you need the definitive names? How does the discount work for someone who would take part in both events but belong to the A team for one event only? When shall the fee be paid?

I understand such an organization is not easy! And I would be grateful for any info you may be able to provide.



Good Day!
Answer for Parking Lot #13 includes digit 0.
Answering form declines answer with message, that answer should include digits 1-9 or character X.
How we then can enter right answer?

Please just submit it, it will be stored into DB.

Currently I don't have access to my computer, I will check it in probably 1 Hour.

Karel (Admin)