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Problems with the server

Dear competitors,

last four weeks we have been very busy with the migration from the old environment to the new one and to ensure that everything will work smoothly on the background so you can enjoy the competitions fully without any disruptions. Because this phase was finalized and right now we are just solving minor issues after the migration you may help us with reporting such issues here as comment under this article or to use newly created Discord channel (

Regarding to the competition matters:

  1. Currently there has been published Instruction Booklet for WPF Sudoku GP2 in usual section -
  2. WPF Sudoku GP2 will be prolonged by 2 days till the end of Wednesday 28th February
  3. WPF Puzzle GP1 objections will be solved during this week

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience you have been facing and hopefully the new environment and GP site will work without problems so there can be only joy from the competitions precisely prepared for you by the authors and competition directors.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)