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Answers not registered for sudoku GP R8?!


I took part in the 8th round of the sudoku GP on Sunday evening. I submitted answers regularly during my 90 minutes, with the usual "answers received" confirmation message each time I submitted answers.

It seems this confirmation message was misleading, as apparently there are no results received when I checked the results this morning. Please could you investigate what has happened and let me know what has happened.

Thank you.

Well... the solutions now seem to be there, but I'm not included in the results. Is this simply a case of the results being published over a long period of time, rather than instantly?

Hi Tom!

I have fixed one minor issue there, please try to check the Results now.

Karel (Admin)

Looks good to me now, thanks for the speedy response Karel

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I had the same problem in the Round 7.
I had less than a minute to fill in the last answer for Sudoku #3.

Fortunately, I was on time and after submitting both lines for that particular Sudoku, the answering form said it was OK (GREEN).

When the final results of the Round 7 came out, it turned out that the Sudoku# 3 was wrong as I filled in the incorrect line.

Why then when I allegedly confused the correct answer line and filled in the other, the answering form did not respond in RED as usual?

You are mixing several things together.

The Answering form checks for correctness of your solution if it is in line with sudoku rules. In majority of cases if there are numbers from 1 to 9 and each one is there just once. Incorrect line is also sudoku line, so it follows sudoku rules.

If you are reaching the top of the 90 minutes, then there can appear red box that your submission was already after the time limit. No matter what your answer is.

In all cases your answers are stored into the system in case of need.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

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Thank you for the prompt answer.

I checked with you archive and both my answer lines were correct: 3a 659837124, 3b 385674912
Let me clarify the situation. The time was about to run out but I still had some. Because When I submitted the answer lines, the system said it says OK, the green box appeared. When I checked the results later, it appeared I had 119 points instead of 152 (sudoku#3 was worth 33 pts.) I assure you I did not run out my time otherwise as you said then "there can appear red box that my submission was already after the time limit."