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Possibility for online platform to solve the sudoku online in here.

So, my background of this wish was, when I was first time joining the Sudoku GP, and I don't have any printer access, it's a bit hard for me to solve the puzzle because it involves a lot of writing on a hand-made sudoku sheet I have. It might be good if this website allow us to have an online platform to solve sudoku online, so we don't have to rely on writing it on the paper, instead we can solve it on the screen.

Yes, i play without printer too, spending plenty of time for hand made sudokus and puzzles. Would be nice if our dream becomes true and website allows us online solving.

I think that the main purpose of this website was to allow all players to try to compete with each other as it is on big tournaments like WSC or WPC.

In case there will be on-line version, the best players will probably use that and the paper version won't be used anymore. Because the on-line version will be faster.

Karel (Admin)

Whilst solving online is convenient, I agree with Karel. I know other competitions have tried to blend online and paper solving, but I think any serious competition has to choose one or the other, and not both. And if online solving is chosen, then we'd all have to accept that we are competing in a totally different style of competition.

It isn't a decision to be made lightly. If I had a vote, I would choose to remain paper only.