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Missing Solutions

I submitted solution to Sudoku 1,2 and 7.
The first answer to Sudoku 1 was wrong 59 interchanged.
The others were correct. However no solutions seem to have been received.
Can this be checked.

Dear GSL,

I'm really sorry, but your submission was sent out of the time frame which was given for this competition.

Your time zone: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 12:29:05 AM GMT+02:00 DST

I can't do anything with that.

Karel (Admin)

I logged on about 10.30pm on Monday (Irish Time) which seemed to be within the limits. I'm happy to accept that I was out of time.

This means you started the 90 minute contest with only 30 minutes of the contest window remaining, so answers submitted after that 30 minutes would not have counted.

I thought I submitted the solution to 10 Killer Sudoku before the time limit.
It does not seem to have been registered. I had 2 minutes left when I sent answers.

Dear GLS,

I've checked your submitted solution and I'm really sorry, but the submission was 5 seconds late.

Karel (Admin)