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Sudoku GP 2023/1 questions

I have a few questions about the upcoming first round.

In puzzle 5, is it possible for a circle of any colour (white or black) to appear between the digit pair 1 and 2?

In puzzle 11, is it possible for a cell on a line to contain a digit equal to that in one of the circles at the ends of the line? (For example, suppose that there is a line connecting two circles with numbers 3 and 8 in them. Can the line possibly contain digits from the set 3,4,5,6,7,8 or just 4,5,6,7?)

I believe that the circle between a 1 and 2 can either be black or white.

I believe that digits in the line cannot be equal to the ones in either end of the line (so in your example, just 4, 5, 6, 7).

This is just based on my past experience with these puzzles. You may want further confirmation if you're still unsure.

Thank you for your good questions.

I agree, there should be one more sentence in Kropki rules: "The circle between 1 and 2 can either be white or black." It will be inserted for the next time.

In puzzle 11, to make it even clearer, the number in the circle must not appear on the corresponding line.

Thank you very much!