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[2022 Puzzle GP R1] Password not reachable


just as for the Sudoku competition last week, it seems like there are the same problems for the puzzle round as well. I cannot get to the password.

Sorry for the problem, there was a glitch which needed to be fixed.

Right now it should be without issues.

Karel (Admin)

I also had issues with obtaining the password and gained access to the password with 1hr 4min left on the clock. Can I email through the answers I found in the 26min after the clock was out? If not, totally understand

I believe I've looked everywhere for the password link and have not been able to find it. If that in fact is the first puzzle, it appears I will get a zero!

I don't know if anything was reset, but it is showing up now. Thank you!

How can I get the password, I cannnot see the Password section opened

i cant go to password section . it isnt visible

Dear vatal drag: once you are logged in please click on the left menu on Puzzle GP, then section Password.

Or here is the direct link:

Karel (Admin)