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Password not available for Puzzle Round 4

This round 4 was extended to May 3rd.
And according to the password page:
"The password is available between 12:00:00 pm on Friday (GMT + 2 hours), 28th April 2023 and 11:59:59 pm (GMT + 2 hours) on Wednesday, 3rd April 2023."

But there is no "Start contest" button available any more on the Password page, and so it is impossible to do the contest currently. Obviously this is a problem for anybody that planned to do the contest today. Is it possible to enable the button again soon?
Thank you.

The password is still unavailable, and at this point we're past midnight here in NA east. Even if the password were made available right now, anyone intending to do the contest tonight that also has to work tomorrow would not be available until... the time the contest closes. Personally, as long as it's available anytime in the next 2 hours or so I'm not really affected, but being unable to start for this long near the end of the designated period is pretty unfair and I'd hope for a short extension (12 hours?) to allot another NA night.

And of course, if the password isn't available most of this time it would be quite unfair to not extend.

Hi all,
I am unable to start the round 4 because the password box seems to be missing, and there is no "start contest" button either.

It worked again today, thank you for fixing!

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Hello, could anyone give me the link of the password? Thank you so much.