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Can't see time clock

I have Javascript enabled but I still can't see the time clock. Will have to guess the time for now. Just putting this here in case it's a problem others are experiencing as well.

I also didn't see the clock. It showed the message "To show approximate remaining time, you have to have JavaScript enabled". I checked and I had JS enabled but still could not see it.

Dear players,

I'm really sorry, but because of the upgrade of the site this feature is broken for some players. I know the root cause but I was still not able to fix it to be completely sure it won't affect anyhow the Answering Form and your submissions.

I hope that I will be able to fix it soon.

Thanks for understanding.

Karel (Admin)

I had the same problem as the others, and to make matters worse I didn't remember what time I'd started. I went back to the password page and it tells you the exact time you activated the password. That's not perfect, since my computer clock was not guaranteed to be exactly synced to the server, but it at least gave me some sense of when I'd be running out of time.

I had the same problem too. However I always use the stopwatch on my phone and start it the moment the password is revealed. I also hit the lap button after I finish each sudoku and that gives me the time splits for each puzzle when I review it at the end, It also displays the whole time until I stop it after 90 mins is up. With that all said, I would like to be able to see the actual time rundown on the computer

That’s a great idea! I’ll do that next time just in case. Thanks for sharing!