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What time frame of GP fits you the most?

Friday 12:00PM till Monday 23:59PM
9% (25 votes)
Friday 12:00PM till Tuesday 23:59PM
20% (57 votes)
Friday 12:00PM till Wednesday 23:59PM
71% (198 votes)
Total votes: 280


I vote for leaving it open until Tuesday

I vote for Wednesday

I vote for : till Wednesday

If you are not changing starting time, it is always best choice (at least for players) to choose option with most time for solving. Only "disadvantage" is that results will be published later.

As I am far away from the top solvers, I can only solve about 15-25% of the puzzles each round. After the time is over, I have less motivation to solve the remaining puzzles.

I would like to have a second scoring where one will have more time to solve (say 24h or even more). The score would rather be time-based instead of point-based.

For the existing 90 min challenge, 3 days is normally ok for me, but there were some occasions where I had no time in the respective weekend. By adding one or more days one would have more options to find a time interval for solving.

I think there is something to be said for having competitions in a more concise time period so that results can be published quicker.

Before, i used to play on time but often on monday night but this year, i have a so heavy shedul and i am in a mood of tiredness with my activities here, even after work so i had to give up 4 times consecutively the first rounds of this year. I had an opportunity to complete round 3 because it ran until wednesday but now, my mistake was to say "i have time". Yes! Tuesday night, tired, wednesday night, i was so exhausted that no question to bear one hour an half of high brain activity again. So, i'm very sorry but it's hard to come even if i always appreciate improving in GP rounds as i'm not a top player.
To conclude, on my mind, it's a good point to let us decide the duration length.
Tony H/TotoHoa

Sorry, i sayed wrong, it was twice for rounds 2 and 4 that we had 5 days this year but i failed each time to find an occasion to play.
As far as i remember, february was because of my high pressure about work (i'm teacher and when you have hundreds of sheets to correct, no way!) and april, i gave up by my own mistake (written in my last post).

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I hope the duration is long if the administrators and competition staffs have little load.

Extending by 1 day seems fine.
2 days probably too much: by the time the contest ends and debriefing discussions can start, quite a few people will have half-forgotten the puzzles (and gone on rather to think about the next contest).
So a long extension means limited debriefing discussion, which is a pity.

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Thursday is often to short of a time to practise on the instruction booklet.
I’m usually busy or don’t want to compete in the weekend (Friday included).
When I lived in Europe, I used to compete on Mondays evenings. But since I moved to Canada, I can no longer do that, getting back home from work at 6pm EST = 12am UTC..
Pushing the deadline to Wednesday will allow me to compete again in a less constrained time environment.