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Answer C2 (Fill in the blank)

For the anwser C2, Can it be 65,99 for one more solution?
Because the difference of 7,41,12,82,53,24,94,65,99 = 34,-29,70,-29,-29,70,-29,34 (palindrome)

Fill in the Blank puzzles always have some element of uncertainty. For any integer sequence, I can always create a polynomial that uses that sequence as their zeroes, for example, so all answers are correct. Therefore, the general rule of thumb I use when vetting the puzzle is that of Occam's Razor -- the simplest pattern is deemed to be the correct one. Of course what is "simplest" can often be debated, and in close cases (like in C3), I'll accept both answers.

However, for this puzzle, I think that the majority of people would agree that "reversals of multiples of 7 in base 10" is simpler than "subsequent palindromic differences with 34, -29, 70, -29 as one-half." That is why I judged 65, 99 to not be a correct answer.