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Answer form doesn't accept letters for #1

Answer form says "Your (highlighted) answer may contain only characters A-G!" for problem 1, but those are the letters I entered

#2's answer gets rejected also

The comment is maybe not as precise as it should be, but your solution doesn´t follow the Rules:
Starting at the “A” in the upper-left and heading to the right, enter all the letters in the grid in the order in which the loop encounters them, ending at the letter “A” (again).

Similar problem holds for Puzzle 14 (R4 sudoku), I have tried submitting the answer in various forms (like mentioned in the IB), but always the error: "Some of the digits do not appear in the answer." or (the answer does not contain ## digits) had appeared.

It should be fixed now.

Thank you very much for your feedback, unfortunately I have uploaded previous version of the validation script on the server.
All your answers were stored even there was a red box with the message.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

Thank you very much for the fast answer :]

Best regards,

Karle, I have not notices the remark about the letter B in puzzle 14 and have entered 1 instead of B in the answer because I received message that I should enter digits between 1-9 only. Could you accept my answer which is otherwise correct? Thanks Jirka

Also the points in the results do not correspond to the points in the booklet.