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GP #1 - Code for puzzle 10


puzzle number 10 in the GP has two code lines.

I entered for example xxx in line one and yy in line two.

After click on ‚save‘ in both lines was xxx. I tried it several times with the same result.

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I struggled alot to "see" the diagrams of some of the puzzles.
In particular, for all the Galaxies variant, (tetro-pento ect) my printout did not have the dashed lines I can see on my screen, but only the (very faint) dots at the crossing instead. Which made the puzzles much more difficult to solve, and indeed I did not attempt to solve these 3 variants during the competition time, I only solved after the regular time had expired.
I do not know if the problem depends on my printer settings or if it is intrinsic perhaps with the hardware I use. I have a Brother DCP 195C printer. Did anybody else have the same problem? Any advice on how to overcome this?

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I'm not sure if it's related but I've encountered a similar problem a lot of times: a long dash wasn't visible after I printed some latex generated pdfs. I think changing the resolution to 600 dpi or whatever the maximum possible value is when printing should do the trick.