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Puzzle GP

May I suggest for a revision of rules of puzzle GP?

If the system with divisions and classes is "maintained":
1. Please take into account 2018 results too,for the criteria of eligibility,
2. Publish as soon as possible rankings for divisions A, B and C. Not only division A.*

If the system with divisions and classes is left:
1. Rewrite rules section
2. Rename result as "preliminary results 1" instead of "preliminary results 1A"

*I've a suggestion concerning publishing results for divisions. Instead of publishing 3 different ranking (on 3 distincts pages), you could add a column "class" in the ranking in which it is specified the class of each player. By sorting ranking with this column we could see ranking of divisions B and C.


Please, could someone clarify what is the plan for puzzle GP 2019.

3 divisions or not?
If yes, what is the plan for publishing results?
Subsidiary question: Why ranking were not published last year? and why there was no communication about it?


It seems pretty clear that there's no three divisions either 2018 or 2019. And that administrators/organizers aren't completely on top of keeping all the content up to date. Personally I'm happy that the GP is running pretty well and smoothly at all, it's a huge step forward compared to pre-GP times. Monthly competitions with >400 competitors!

(I guess you're not asking for a serious answer though, just some passive agressive trolling? Do you think that's likely to improve things?)

If a question concerning publishing competition's ranking looks like "trolling", I think there are very serious issues to think about.

No, it was not trolling and it was in no way supposed to be agressive.
WPF organizes puzzle GP, doesn't publish related ranking or news about it. I'm just wondering why.
It was said on that forum that the rules of puzzle GP (2018) was the priority of the end of 2017. These rules are clear about 3 divisions, and about awards for top scorers of each division, as long as puzzle awards. If the priority is to set rules and just ignore them few months later, I don't see the point. (Again, I'm not trolling or agressive, I'm just exposing facts).

I don't think it's just a problem of "not keeping all the content up to date", otherwise we would have received news about it which would have said "Rules section is not up to date, but puzzle GP 2019 will have only one division."

Thus, yes my questions are honestly serious and yes, I expect some kind of answer.


My last comment being qualfied as not "likely to improve things", I decided to do something to improve things.
Here is the list of class A players for puzzle GP 2018, sorted alphabetically:

Anderson Wang
Andrey Lemesh
Antony Fandakis
ashish kumar
Bram de Laat
Branko Ćeranić
Claudine Thiry
Florian Kirch
Gavriel Hirsch
Gyimesi Zoltán
Hideaki Jo
Jakub Ondroušek
James McGowan
Jan Mrozowski
Jan Novotný
Jana Vodičková
Jonas Gleim
Ken Endo
Kota Morinishi
Martin Merker
Matus Demiger
Michael Genier
Michael Ley
Michael Mosshammer
Neil Zussman
Nikola Zivanovic
Nils Miehe
Palmer Mebane
Peter Hudak
Philipp Weiß
Prasanna Seshadri
Przemysław Dębiak
Robert Vollmert
Roger Kohler
Roland Voigt
Ryusuke Nishiyama
Salih Alan
Sebastian Matschke
Stefan Gaspar
Taigo Ando
Takeya Saikachi
Takuya Sugimoto
Taro Arimatsu
Thomas Snyder
Tiit Vunk
Tomasz Stróżak
Tomoya Kimura
Ulrich Voigt
Walker Anderson
Will Blatt
Yuka Jo
Yuki Kawabe
Yuta Nagata

It took me less than 10 minutes to do it... In what kind of federation no representative is able to take the initiative to do this tiny work if the person supposed to do it forgot/was overwhelmed or I don't know which other reasons?

(You may qualify this post as agressive or trolling if you want, I really don't care)


It is right now highest on the ToDo list for completing it.

It is necessary to do it automatically.
So right now I'm preparing the new form with Results specially for Puzzle GP.

There will be published 2018 and 2019 Results soon.

Karel (Admin)

Thanks for your answer.