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Small errors in GP Round 4 Instruction Booklet

Thanks to those who found these errors. I will try to get them fixed as soon as possible for the live form, but here they are for the time being.

The total number of points for the found is 955, not 875. (The 80-point puzzle was accidentally left out of the summing, as I was considering removing it.)

There is an arrow that is overlapped by an arrow in the Arithmetic City example. It should point from the 4 to the 36, not from the 43.

Two questions from this forum about Goats and Sheep have been clarified.

Thank you :-)

Is there also an issue with the arrow that appears to point from the `1` in row 3 to the `54` in row 4? The way the arrow is cut off, it looks like it maybe ought to be pointing to the single `5` instead?