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Puzzle GP 6 - problem with answer keys

According to the preliminary results, not a single solver in the top 50 submitted their puzzles without error. That seems absurd! Is there a problem with the answer keys?

For a concrete example, I am convinced that the correct solution to the Tapa is 11111,46 - yet the site says that the correct key is 11111,44.

The same as above.
Moreover my solution for magnets was '++++X-X-++' and it was not accepted while it is the same as 'PPPPXNXNPP'

Me too.
And I have to say, the way of submission about "Arrows", a better way is "/\|-" rather than check the direction of arrows.

Me too.
--I mean the submission of "Magnets" with "++++X-X-++" is determined wrong too.

It should be fixed now.
The alternative answer key was missing.

Karel (Admin)

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it is not fixed for me... My solution is the same and still does not work. STefano

++++X-X-++ is supposed to be right answer.
Unfortunately you've sent ++++N-N-++.

I'm sorry.
Karel (Admin)

The first arrows also has an incorrect key. The second entry row is BCABBA (the fourth and fifth arrows go straight up). The given solution is quickly confirmed as wrong as the B in column 6 in the top row and the C in column 5 of the bottom row would both point at the 1 in the lower right corner.

As far as I can tell the Tapa solution is 46 as well.

I agree with tapa solution being 46.