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GP7: Shaken Clones Sudoku

The instructions say:
"Positions of digits within the shape may change."
"A cloned shape may undergo rotation and/or reflection."

Are any other changes other than rotation and/or reflection possible?

Dear imdanrydell,

Can you please specify on which other changes do you mean? For this sudoku variant set of digits in one shape must appear in every identical shape (possibly on different places), even if they are rotated or reflected.

Nikola Živanović
WPF Sudoku GP 2019
Competition Director

In the Shaken Clones Sudoku, can it be the case that there are, say, four copies of an identical shape in the grid?

If so, would those shapes be two independent pairs of clones (and we must determine what the pairing is) or must all four shapes contain the same set of digits?

Yes, this case is possible. In your example all four shapes contain the same set of digits.

Can the digits be re-arranged in any random order?

If I'm not mistaken, This variant is better known as "figure sudoku", for example in the second round of sudoku GP 2017.

I think the name "figure sudoku" is better than "shaken clones sudoku" to avoid confusion with the well-known "clone sudoku".