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sudoku GP 2020

I haven't viewed any publication from WPF concerning "what is sudoku report" (!!!!!). Normally, this report should have been the foundation for WPF sudoku competitions, more specifically sudoku GP here.

Can the WPF director give us a guarantee he will only select classic sudoku and sudoku variants for the 2020 competition?
As you have probably seen during the poll process on uk forum, sudoku hybrids examples, including examples taken from past sudoku GP, were clearly judged as not suitable for sudoku competitions.

If you want, we, sudoku players, can kindly admit the supremacy of WPC top players concerning tetrominoes placement puzzles, regional divisions puzzle, loop puzzles, etc... if you feel reassured then, we can play exclusively sudoku in sudoku GP and let these other categories of puzzles for puzzle GP, it will be better for everybody.


Hi Fred,

I'm still finishing the report, and (I think) that the WPF is waiting for that before deciding its next move. I am trying to do it as and when my time allows. However I am concerned that no-one at the WPF aside from myself is picking up the baton.

I am also doing an example review of the WPF's competitions in 2019. I hope that the WPF will appoint someone to carry on this work from this point forward, because it isn't right that this kind of thing rests on just one person's opinion, even if it is my own! As a sneak preview of this, I think that the 2019 GP series had a few hybrids and a few more things I would consider in a bit of a grey area.

Round 1 of 2020 looks to be more of the same, going by the IB.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your answer. It's a pity you're alone to work on this subject.
I hope that when the report will be ready the WPF acts in adequation with the amount of work you made for this report.

In the meantime, I think the sudoku GP director should be careful about puzzle selection on this subject.