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12-13 Domino Search

In the puzzle bookelet, puzzle 12 is below and puzzle 13 is above.
It is very confused, and I had an error when I submitted two puzzles.
I protest the time to check the error (about 1-2 minutes.)

Agreed--I had much the same issue, and likely would have finished another puzzle in the final minutes had I had that extra time that I needed to fix this.

I felt that this was an incredibly poor layout choice that led to confusion for at least three solvers now, and likely more than a hundred if three are voicing concerns about it.

I had this issue also, and I also wasted time being baffled by the error message.

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Same here. I also spent some time and that's why I wasn't able to complete the second infection in time. I just messed with the domino answer keys.

I spent my time and actually didn't figure out that they were switched because it didn't show the error message for the bottom one. I just kept inserting different solution keys to get the top one right. Eventually submitted the first solution.

I had the same problem with domino search. I didn‘t realize that these two puzzles are switched because only the first one has error alert, not both of them. (These ~30 seconds of hesitating are the reason I didn‘t submit Tower Defense in time... just saying)

I would be surprised if anyone who solved those problems didn't lose time, so in that sense it's probably best to just leave things be.

I can't believe that this was a deliberate choice, seems more like whoever formatted the booklet made a mistake.

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I can see my results and they are correct if I switch them. I hope it's at least possible to give points for correct solutions even if they are switched in current case.

Lost time is relative and hard to measure. Don't expect to get anything from there really. It's just releaving to mention that I lost time and should actually be worth more than what I was.
I believe many of us agree with that. But I cannot say anything behalf of Kota. Every minute is important in the battle for the top positions and if it's possible to somehow prove how much time was lost, then maybe it would be worth to consider giving him the lost bonus or something.

But that's just my opinion.

I have posted a news report regarding the ruling I have made towards this issue.

The short explanation is that we plan to give credit for the correct answer in the wrong position and both answers will now be worth 5 extra points each.

It is not perfectly fair but at least it should be an improvement.