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Tower defense rules

Please clarify what is meant by “attacks” and “is attacked by”.
OR is determining that relationship the point of the puzzle?

If you look at the solution of the example in the instruction booklet:
Row 2, column 1 contains a "2". That means it attacks the cells with distance 2, which are R2C3 and R4C1. Another example: R3C3 attacks R1C3, R3C1, R3C5 and R5C3.
The circled cell in R3C2 contains a "3" and therefore is attacked by at least 3 cells (which are here R1C2, R2C2 and R3C3).

But I still do not understand what does "attacks" mean. The attacked cells should contain upper values ? If r3c3 contains "1" it attacks r1c3 which is at the orthogonal distance "2" - why?

If R3C3 contains "1" it doesn't attack R1C3, since that is at distance "2" as you remark correctly.

Instead, if R3C3 contains "1", it attacks R2C3, R4C3, R3C2 and R3C4.

(Really hope I didn't make a type here!)

Thanks for answering!