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PGP2020 Round5 Problem9

I think the solution of Problem 9 (Tapa Wall) in the booklet is incorrect. R9C17 is black now, but it must be white because of the clue R8C16. The answer key will be influenced by this change, so please re-check the result!

Star Battle - extra star is present
Dominion - Solution is not complete

It is fixed now and the fixed Solution Booklet was released.
There were also fixed the Results.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Karel (Admin)

I've fixed the two errors with Star Battle and Dominion and the new booklet should be uploaded soon.

Some interesting note here. Giuliano Montelucci pointed out that, looking at the statistics, there were 62 correct and 63 incorrect submissions for the Tapa Walls. That's more than a half! From the change in the results table, we could easily see that most of these 63 incorrect submissions were identical.

This is not to say the 63 incorrect submission should be credited for. I'm quite fascinated how lots of people managed to fail in the exact same way.

Not necessarily the exact same way. Some would have an error in r9c17 and some others in r9c18. The answer key would be the same in both cases.