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Time left for answering form

Hello everybody.

I wanted to try out this round of Sudoku GP. It is the first time I do so.
I just registered today. I never clicked on the password link so the timer should not have started yet. However, i just clicked on "answer form" to see what it looks like and it says i got only half an hour left of time.

I don't understand which action started the timer. I still did not see the password.
It says it is only animating. Does it mean, it is an "example timer"? For which reason?

I am confused now.

Yes, it's just an example timer, maybe to show us that a timer will be displayed there for our convenience. If you refresh the page you'll see the timer restart at 30:00. The actual timer only begins when you view the password.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, i could see now that it is only example.