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Default Font for Answers

Is there any way to change the default answer-input font to something where every character has the same pixel length (e.g Courier New)? I submitted an answer 10 seconds past the deadline because my input didn't "look right". It also tends to be tough to see if I typed in my desired sequence if it's full of 1's or I's, as they all sort of stick together.

I know I answer late but I hope this could help you.

Whilst obviously you can inspect the original HTML page in your browser and change the font manually in the "styles" tab, there is also an easier way.

If you are using the Chrome browser there is an extension called Font Swap which you can instantly install and use. There is even a "Monospace" category for the types of fonts you're looking for. If you are using Firefox there is an analogous extension ReFont which works decent too. And if you are using yet another browser there probably also exist such an extension but I don't guarantee it ;)