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Quite possibly not a unique story - but I was brought to the Puzzle and Sudoku GPs via Cracking the Cryptic and the Discord channel, and the UK champs, finally to here. Many thanks to anyone who bumped me along the path to joining in with these competitions - I've had a great deal of fun.

Of course, I only got to play 3 of the 8 rounds of the 2020 puzzle GP having only learned about it midway through. Now it's 'over' I don't know what's next. Can I expect a new 8-round GP to begin in January? Is that what's normal here?

If so... What am I supposed to do with myself between now and January? :P


What you should do depends on what you are looking for exactly.

- If what you want is more competitions, have a look at LogicMasters India; they have one starting in less than 24 hours. The GP itself should indeed resume in January, that's how it has been going for several years now, but you can download and play all of the previous rounds from the "Archive" page.
- If you would rather practice and compare yourself to others, have a look at some of these websites:,, They all offer a large choice of daily or weekly puzzles (mostly sudoku), with online solving possible, rankings, etc. Of course the downside is that these puzzles are usually computer-generated, but there are also handcrafted ones on fed-sudoku - see "Krtek's Cup".
- If you are more into other puzzles there is also Puzzle Duel, a new website offering various (handcrafted, I think?) puzzles to solve online, with again a ranking system. I did not give it a try yet, but I know there are some big names playing there.
- Are you looking for other competitors to exchange with? Well, clearly that's not the strength of our community, we don't exactly have one place where we gather to talk. Roam the various forums (LMD, LMI, this one...), and if you ever feel like it, come say hi during one of my livestreams. It is on, I just started and I will be more than happy to have someone to talk competitions and speedsolving with.