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Puzzle GP Round 1 Darts

Please check which of Darts puzzle is number 4 or number 5.
In puzzle booklet puzzle number 5 was on left and 4 on right.
At the moment in solution page they are reversed.

Yes, I agree with Ethel. I've got 0 points for that swap answers. My answer No 4 was from the right-side diagram and answer No 5 from left-side diagram.
I think that all Players who had swapped "darts" answers should have scored points.


there has been made an update of the Results list where are accepted also switched answers for puzzles no. 4 and 5.
Please check your solution and in case there is still a problem let us know:

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

I don't see results at all.

Hi Realshaggy,

It doesn't look to me like you submitted any answers to questions 4 or 5.

No I didn't mean my results, they are fine. There was a timeframe of several hours when there were not tables at all. Seems fixed now.