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Puzzle GP 2021 Round 2 - Points total?

The first version of the IB says that the total number of points is 916, but the listed points values sum to 1292.

Sorry! I had an error in data entry that I didn't catch and the sum is indeed 1292, which is way too high for a comfortable round. A shame since a lot of the hard puzzles are very fun :( I will have to remove some of the puzzles to make the round more managable.

I don't know about others, but I might have been interested in trying such a round for a change.

Yeah, or I'd really like to see the rejects in some ways if the authors allow it to happen. I mean Multi-Region Battleships looked so interesting!

It is up to the authors for what to do with the puzzles that don't make it into the GP. Sometimes they get repurposed for the playoffs. I know that some folks would like to see more puzzles, even very hard ones, but I have to balance this with the frustration some players (usually in the highly-competitive 5th-through-30th range) have when they have solved most of the puzzles except for a few hard ones and then have nothing to do with the rest of their time.

I thought that frustration won't happen if the total is so overly excessive like 1292 that no one can even think of finishing?

Ah, there's the possibility of rejects appearing in the playoffs. Really want to qualify top 10 again to face the 150 pointer Castle Wall or something in the finals lol

I'm not trying to campaign for the puzzles to be reinstated, but there's an interesting discussion to be had about frustration. Given that there were originally 800+ points of more manageable puzzles it might potentially be less of a factor than rounds with 600 points of easier puzzles and a 150-point puzzle.

I personally believe that ending up having nothing to do with the rest of your time is an indication of poor contest strategy; if I'm worried about not being able to finish a round I will always save a few easy puzzles for the end.

I've noticed an error in the first page:
In the section with the total, the first puzzle has 23 points. In the title of the first puzzle it says 21 points.
Which one is correct?

There is also a discrepancy as above for the second puzzle.

The section with the totals on page 1 is correct. Sigh. I'll try to get an updated version up as soon as possible.