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2 Participants from one household allowed?

Dear GP Organizers,

since I did a lot of puzzles lately, I want to take part at the grand prix.
I was very happy that i can actually do that easily so I asked my wife (because she's into puzzles as well) if she wanted to take part too.

Before we're doing anything against the rules or getting accused of any fraud I wanted to ask you whether it is possible to pass results from 2 accounts within one household (therefore same IP address). Of course noone of us will share any results with the other and probably we are going to do different puzzles anyway (including the certain assumption that we dont finish all puzzles - which is ludicrous anyway).
So are there any rules about that topic?

Best regards

My wife and have both competed in every round so far this year, and we haven't had any issues with it.

Thank you for letting me know.

Dear Beedersen,

it is allowed to use the same environment (PC, internal network or so) but it expects you to follow some rules, meaning that you won't try to cheat.

We expect all players to follow fair play and to act that way.
We will be really glad if there will be whole families enjoying playing our tournaments and using this possibility to have something common in this quite challenging times.

Enjoy playing on the GP site and good luck to you and your family.

Best regards,
Karel (Admin)

Thank you, Karel.

We will stay fair and respect all the rules.
Having an official statement is great.

Best regards,