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Official Results Query

I'm a little confused by the official results of division B and C. Primarily, why was I counted as being in Division A?

The qualification conditions were:

Class A participants are those who qualify for at least one of the following conditions:
- Finished in the top 10 ranking for the 2014 Puzzle GP
- Finished in the top 25 ranking for the 2015 Puzzle GP
- Finished in the top 50 ranking for the 2016 Puzzle GP, Competitive Section
- Competed in at least one of the first four rounds of the 2017 Puzzle GP, Division A, and has one of the top 100 average scores

I don't qualify under the first three conditions and while I did take part in rounds 1 and 2 of division A, I doubt my average score of 120.75 across the first four rounds places me in the top 100. In particular, the winner of Division B, Taigo Ando, averaged 137.75 across the first four Division A rounds so surely if I qualified for Division A, then so would he.

Could you clarify this for me, as by my calculations, I think I won Division B. What am I missing in the rules?

Many thanks.

Dear drsteve,

you can check the Classes distribution in here:

In your case you have fulfilled the condition:
Competed in at least one of the first four rounds of the 2017 Puzzle GP, Division A, and has one of the top 100 average scores.

You have average score from first 4 rounds: 241.5 = (320 + 163) / 2
Taigo Ando has 183.7 = (165 + 221 + 165) / 3

You've been 83th and Taigo 130th.

Karel (Admin)

Surely my average score over the four rounds is (320+163+0+0)/4 not divided by two.

This could have been made a lot clearer - I chose to concentrate on Division B due to a lack of free time and my understanding of how averages worked.

From my point of view it doesn't make sense to compare average score of four rounds.

The purpose is to have a list of players ordered by their puzzle skills let say :) So then you have to prepare average score for each player (sum of those rounds divided by number of GP's played).

But this is probably more question to the Competition director.
I've just implemented it in here to the system.

Karel (Admin)

I appreciate what the rule is - now, anyway - and yes, average score over four rounds, you might as well take total score. But by taking only the rounds that people played, it can benefit tactical play - e.g. this round contains a lot of number placement, I'll skip it rather than getting a low score.

Just to be clear, I accept the result, I just wish it had been made clear from the start.