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This section contains information about WPF Puzzle GP Playoffs.

Here you can download the Puzzle Instruction Booklet for WPF Puzzle GP Playoffs:
Puzzle Playoffs (pdf - 1104kB)
Save the puzzles into your computer. Click the right button and save / save as

Adobe Acrobat

GP Playoff Rules (NEW for 2019)

Competitor Position Points
Ken Endo (Japan) 1st 4837.3
Thomas Snyder (USA) 2nd 4404.8
Tomoya Kimura (Japan) 3rd 4320.5
Hideaki Jo (Japan) 4th 4301.3
Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia) 5th 4270.5
Kota Morinishi (Japan) 6th 4149.0
Bram de Laat (Netherlands) 7th 4084.7
Walker Anderson (USA) 8th 3989.0
Michael Ley (Germany) 9th 3910.0
Yuki Kawabe (Japan) 10th 3877.0
Competitor Position Points