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Fresh announcements about the WPF Grand Prix.

Sudoku GP Round 1 - feedback

Dear GP friends, the first Sudoku round is over and you can find the official results on our web page. At the same page we would appreciate if you spent 1 minute more and give us your feedback in a very very short survey. It would help us to improve our future GP rounds! Please don´t forget to login to find the survey! :)Thank you very much! //

WPF Sudoku GP Round 1 IB

The Instruction Booklet for the Sudoku GP Round 1 is now available.
If you have any questions regarding the puzzles, please use our forum. Thanks



The Puzzle GP 2015 is over. The finals was very exciting with many changes on the leading positions. And these are the three best players:
1st place - Ulrich Voigt (GER)
2nd place - James McGowan (GBR)
3rd place - Ken Endo (JAP)

Congratulations to all the finalists and big big thanks to the GP Director Wei-Hwa Huang for his fantastic job during the finals!!

WSC Sudoku GP Finals

Hello from Sofia, the first day of the Championships is over. The highlight of the day was the WPF Sudoku GP Finals 2015. All the 10 finalists showed us an excellent performance.

And the winner of the Sudoku GP 2015 is Kota Morinishi!!!

Top 3 players:
1st Kota Morinishi (JAP)
2nd Timothy Doyle (FRA)
3rd Tiit Vunk (EST)

Congratulations to all the finalists!!!

GP Playoff Proctors

Hi everybody, we would like to ask you for your help. As last year we are searching for 10 proctors for each final that would help us with checking whether the puzzle solved by the finalist is correct or not. If you would like to help us, please send me an email ( Thank you in advance!!! Hana

Short Survey

What was the most popular GP Round? Which puzzles did you like the most? We would like to know your opinion! Just select the Sudoku/Puzzle Round you enjoyed the most. The winners will be announced at the GP Finals in Sofia.

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Sudoku/Puzzle GP Finals

Dear GP fans, we would like to inform that the GP website was updated with the list of GP finalists, general info and the Instruction booklets for the Play-offs.
Thank you, Hana


Hi everybody,
the main part of the WPF Sudoku/Puzzle GP 2015 is over and now it´s time to say a big thank you to our great puzzle authors! They all did a fantastic job in cooperation with our GP Directors, Thomas and Wei-Hwa.

Puzzle GP Round 8

The Instruction Booklet for the Puzzle GP Round 8 is now available. If you have any questions regarding the puzzles, please use our forum. Thanks